We are all in a position to grow beyond our present state of mind. The Science of Empowerment is written so that you will become inspired to challenge your threshold of limited thinking.  Every word is intentional so that the energetic vibration behind the stylistic writing will act as an impetus to the process of self-evolution. 
The Science of Empowerment holds the structural formula that allows you to focus the application of the J3Formula, supporting the manifestation of what we can create, rather than locking into a constant defense of that which we fear.




When you live in true authenticity, everything falls into proper order; this is where power resides and builds upon its knowing, because truth and authenticity recognize itself.



When one human being knows what it feels like to experience authentic happiness, that person organically wants others to know that same joy and success.



If I consistently concentrate on other people and focus on what I think is wrong about their choices and their behaviors, I can find fault easily. Therefore, I have no time for my own self-evaluation.



What you allow to enter into your potential brilliance will be determined by what you are willing to keep out. 



Your power is within the education of your empowerment, to know your power is to be that power


What pulls this new knowledge into active positive patterning is the choice of neutrality.

This new wiring system will be an aide in the removal of stagnant energetic waste such as negative thinking particles that are in the way of positive internal progress. There are universal laws that the average person does not know about as we are not generally exposed to higher levels of information. It is imperative to our evolution to seek out this style of personal learning for ourselves. 

This is a welcoming challenge, to expose the general population to the opportunity of how an individual can change the way in which they think, and therefore the way in which we can create and experience our existence. The J3Formula offers progressions towards levels of awareness that will rewire your current mental make-up and produce a forward- thinking mentality. There are elements of ancient knowledge as well as new modern intelligence hidden within the hearts and minds of all humanity. When one person begins to awaken to the inner journey of acknowledgment to the brainpower that resides within, an energetic tide will then have influence on the state of consciousness in relation to our surroundings. Once brought into the environment of awareness, we will then have the opportunity to excel in our chosen endeavors, both personal and as well as societal. We are the receptors of energy vibrations and intellectual yearning, this possibility to expand who we are and why we are here, is one thought away. 

From time to time, we may come across unique information that if willing to explore, our lives will be transformed. Though the study of enterprising knowledge can require us to go beyond our contentment zone and take us past our present-day understandings, empowerment will not be yours unless you envision the movement beyond the patterns. If you are willing to accept the positive messaging contained within the J3 Formula, you will preset your internal force of unrealized potential. In this present state of self-awareness lies the realization that through positive choice to advance your worldly intelligence, you will be internally directed to your personal greatness. In this declaration of self-recognition of your empowerment, here is where you will witness the inner workings of your own genius. You will begin to manifest a deep and lasting change that will offer peace, calmness, and excitement into your life.  

However, we have become a society of emotional human beings who have never really connected to the idea that we are intellectual beings first and foremost. This is why for many of us we are off center; it is our emotions that rule the way in which we are positioned in this world, rather than our intelligence empowering us as to the why we are, of this world. We are in disassociation from the knowing that our capabilities are innately aligned with a deep historical record of knowledge. Yet, in order to become proficient in matching up to the forgotten studies and now to current day awareness, we must condition the brain in ways we never thought imaginable or possible. It is like learning to walk for the first time, we can’t remember what that connectivity felt like; we just began the exercise towards our advancement without knowing it. There in that moment of unquestioning willingness, there was neither an asking nor a judgment, just an authentic action based on automatic choice of personal elevation. There were no patterns set in place to detract from the knowing that we were capable of handling the task of movement, between mind/brain thinking and execution of action. Here in this all too human experience, there was an important step to be taken.  We moved with power to begin our development.

We are of this world to set forth productivity, and to create and cultivate greatness, though for many of us, we lean in to opposition without awareness to our power. When we understand that we are original symbols of strength, we will be empowered. When we pre-set the programs to import the knowing that we will no longer be influenced in the direction of artificial and self-imposed weakened states of perception, we will be empowered. This is how the new science of the mind displays its power, by demonstrating the ability to choose positivity over negativity at every occasion. This skill will empower those who are presently delayed in their awakening by building internal layers of energetic awareness through thought/action development. The technical use of the J3Formula will be an essential tool used to stabilize and balance out real time energy disruption. This is in relation to the way in which energy should be streaming through the universe, positive thinking, producing positive results. We have absolutely settled for a lower vibrational existence and have halted our capabilities to our detriment.  

Being unaware of one’s greatness makes it an arduous task to become great at anything. However, when in doubt, remember that we developed from a seedling into a remarkable being. We now occupy space and time with thought, with intention, and with purpose. Tap into that part of your nature that knows differently than what is at face value. Do not settle for this subpar existence, and in its place, release the pattern of insistence to the self-created debate of your worthiness. Find the corresponding internal line to preserver in your ambition and to relieve the pressure of entitlement to self. Immerge your oneness to the acceptance of the collective whole and gain the compassion to think beyond singularity. 

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The Science of Empowerment Book was released on October 16th, 2020 

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