I’ve often contemplated how to express the synergy of that in which we cannot see. For someone like myself, I have always believed in the unknown and the unseen. When I have been asked, how can you believe in something you cannot see, I honestly reply, how can I not believe?

Since we are observers from a fixed standpoint, and with a specific level of knowledge and understanding of present-day information, how can we say what is authentic in its reality and what is not? Think back to generations ago, the personal challenge to see beyond what was an actual visual into the creative unseen, appeared as a near impossible task.  As throughout history, there were pioneers such as the likes of Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, who considered modern thought on many levels and then imagined and understood past what they knew at the time was possible.

Great minds go forward in time, they see things that the average mind and eye cannot. When we carry doubt within ourselves, that we cannot be creative beings in a manner of progressive means, or a certain style of purpose, we diminish our birth right, and the reasoning as to why we are here. Everyone has this ability to create a new world, one of thought, one of business, one of knowledge, and to not only recognize that all things are possible, but also to come to know that you are possible in which ever texture, color and statement of your choosing.

Release the standing position of remaining apart from taking the necessary steps towards investigation into the potentiality of your advancement. Experiment as if you were the genius, the creative one who made an impact, a difference, for your family and your community. Remind yourself, that you will gain new insight and connectivity to the willingness desired to move on and beyond today. Where this new mindset will lead you is part of the equation towards the skill of observation in the direction of the unseen.

It is true, and yes, it is understood, that a path towards authentic human advancement will take a strong will and a perseverance that maybe as of now is not known. However, what is your alternative?  What procures independence for the leaders and the creators, apart from the masses, is the awareness to the unseen, and that takes power. Individuals who are energetically moved to construct change and take the bold risks, both personally and professionally, are the game changers.

Life changers are observant to the unseen as they become the care takers of internal visual cues. There are individuals who then use the creative energies that move within the unseen currents and create never before thought into realization. Similar to a dream state of mind, we witness subconscious indicators within our dreams, and for certain individuals, they use that material in the light of day, and yet for others, they release the calling back into the state of unawareness.

What is it that separates those who see the unseen from those who remain in the webbing of ignorance and of darkness? It is the individuals who want to make a difference, individuals who want to change the human experience in a positive way and who take exploration of the unknown as the opportunity into self- awareness.

If we idle in the negative pattern of remaining open to only that in which we can see, our imagination will close off the gateway to the creation of what can be possible. We are here to embark on a personal journey of level building and to ignore self-evolution is to create a disservice to the consciousness of human development.

Personally, I have always had a mindset that created the space for my thoughts to roam uninhibited, an internal system that freed up restrictions from what “someone” else said to be true. I do not want anyone telling me that something cannot be accomplished, it is such a limiting projected thought into my personal experience of humanness. For me, my awareness to that limiting projection and just the observation of another individual thinking that way ignites a positive charge of energy towards advancement.

As we are now coming to terms with a forced change of the status quo, there are many individuals who are seeking various alternative ways towards self-care. It is important for the health of our mind/brain and body consciousness connection to establish an openness for positive adjustments to take place during uncertain times.

We are certainly creatures of habit, and when we are up against the norm, we panic, we struggle, and for some, we simply collapse.

What is it that takes hold when squared up against change, and what is it that allows one to manage adjustment better or worse than another? I have found that to invite in the opportunity to create a new way of thinking that facilitates growth and recalibrates the way of moving through changes, guides one in understanding that the unseen holds truths and predictors of how we can experience ourselves in this world.

Remove the block to the ability to see what is unseen and view it alike to the sun being obstructed from the movement of the clouds. Question why we allow the shadows to have more purpose than the nature of curiosity, then venture in. You will be left in amazement as to what is there awaiting the invitation to be seen…