We are all in a position to grow beyond our present state of mind. The Science of Empowerment is written so that you will become inspired to challenge your threshold of limited thinking. Every word is intentional so that the energetic vibration behind the stylistic writing will act as an impetus to the process of self-evolution.

The Science of Empowerment holds the structural formula that allows you to focus the application of the J3Formula, supporting the manifestation of what we can create, rather than locking into a constant defense of that which we fear.

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Our participation in this life time, one that we are accountable for, was intended to be a life of opportunity, a life of self-rule, and a lifetime experience of increase. A life experienced through an ever changing, ever growing, and ever evolving sequence of profound abundance. A life where the wealth of the spirit, the optimum health of our bodies and the brilliant genius of the mind, brings to us clarity of awareness; it is this awareness to itself, which magnetizes the power of advancement.

Herein, aligned with a lasting and expanding mind, developing into its full potential, the precise chemistry of right action takes place.

When we can master this knowing, our abilities will naturally become enhanced, and when we choose adjusted and positive programmable thoughts and behaviors, we will no longer be at the level of servitude to negativity.

The J3Formula performs if you stay within the structure of the three selections, then an effortless philosophy will take place.