I have been thinking about connections and how we perceive “connectivity.” It seems to be, that as a human race we like to think we are all connected, and yet, when we are placed in position’s for extended care, beyond ourselves, connection becomes quite distorted.

There is a message within The Science of Empowerment” that references maintaining productivity within the brain/body connection to stay ahead of the consequences of a neglectful mind. Here in this statement with keen observation, we can begin to place value on how an individual can embrace connection, not just take it for granted.

For many of us we consistently place that experience outside of ourselves, as we are always searching for meaning beyond our own “knowing.” When we are in neglect of personal elevation we suffer residual negative energy that moves in opposition to our growth. Remaining mindful to the internal system of the brain/body/consciousness, is the internal force of empowerment itself.

Connection should be with “self” first, this will then allow a new gathering of knowledge to move into connectivity with others. This emanates not from a selfish standing but from a selflessness offering. However, if we do not understand the fundamental practice of care and consideration to and for the self, the community as a whole, will bear the consequences. We all know what it is to feel a sense of dis-connect and how we, as a human race, long for connection.

Here in this particular experience, with a global pandemic occurring, we are witnessing in real time the movement towards, or away from authentic connectivity. For some individuals this time has allowed connections to thrive in ways many have forgotten, and yet, for others, the loss of connection has become magnified. 

Once again, personal responsibility to the awareness of self is what grants the individual towards advancement. This is the purpose for the merging into self-connected development, so that we may unite those around us, therefore allowing connectivity to flourish. Reaching out forward to all opportunities that have the ability to connect a message, a thought, a movement, is how we solidify lasting connectivity.

To lose sight from within, is to lose our own connection to what makes our life an experience worth observing. All personal advancement starts within the thinking mind and extends outwardly towards receptors. Choose to be an “extender” and choose to be a “receptor.” Here is a valuable lesson on how we do this within our own unique way so that we have a rare connection to both the observation and the application of movement to connectivity itself.

If we are so fortunate to recognize the transferal of energy, of life itself, then everything will have a meaning of appreciation and of purpose to its offering. When challenges are presented, individuals either fall or they rise, it is as old as time, and history, both personally and globally will continue to repeat itself. Until the time where lessons are learned and forged into one synergetic action of authentic connectivity, all base connections will remain vulnerable.

Be aware to the lesson of connectivity, as the hands of time yearn to move you towards increase. Remembering, that we are who we are, because we are, all connected… 

Do not glance at the power…Become the power…