Why is it that when we ask ourselves the question, “why do I feel stuck?” individuals miss the very essence of that question? Just asking the question itself, gives away your power, as we are constantly looking for someone or something outside of our own abilities to remove some unneeded turmoil. Hidden within that question is the awakening to self-realization, that we alone are accountable to removing our own obstacles. When we disown our accountability to be a self-reliant individual, and we seek outside corrections from others, a pattern of denial to our empowerment is at stake.

When we continue to place the responsibility on outside motivators, we ingrain a pattern of outside influence that will not serve our advancement in the long term. Within each doubt and fear, there is a monster that settles within the undereducated mind and this is where the power to growth is held hostage. How we feed and fuel this unnecessary guest is the reasoning to why many individuals stay trapped in experiences that are detrimental to any forward motion.

This is an individual awareness that each human being must awaken to, and rather than seek outside influence, the question itself as to how to remove the perception of stagnation should spark an internal quest. Find the internal monster, confront what is needed, and going forward no longer feed the beast a banquet of fear, doubt, and insecurity. Know that your power comes through your conquering of this internal thief.

Do not manage any longer than needed that you have to accept restriction of any kind, especially your personal ability to push through adversity. Here is where we allow doubt to solidify, through the consistent questioning of our own power, and here in this mind set is where the monster grows. Shut down the supply of all information and thoughts that keep the negative system in place. Release the monster, it is time…

We may at times request, and certainly require guidance and support, and the J3Formula is the skill set that will fundamentally clear the way to transition forward. We may also appreciate motivation, inspiration, and contemporary knowledge, however, fast tracking the feeling of stagnation begins by removing the very thought of it.

Remember, perception of the situation is what creates the situation. We are not stuck with a feeling, a thought, an experience, unless we allow that attachment to stay in place.  I use the “monster” as a metaphor, as we can relate to how we would avoid or detain a monster. Yet, we welcome the negative energy inside of our minds, and our bodies to take shelter knowing that the harm we are enduring is causing long term ill effects.

If you had a choice, would you freely step into a cage with a monster, would you step into a cage with several monsters? Of course, you wouldn’t. Yet, this is what we do each moment of our lives, we feed the monster through negative patterns and choices. We do this by who we spend our time with, and how we consistently get re-attached to the sameness time and time again? You know that feeling: repeat, escape, repeat again. Now you are beginning to see how you personally tend to your monster, or as I have stated, maybe several. There they are, happily awaiting the negative feed. In whichever ways you find yourself serving the monster, you and you alone will explore its removal. Gather up the tools, the skills, and the education needed for this amazing journey. You will now erase all traces related to the part of you that accepted this experience. Take the key, turn it, and with great confidence look it all straight on and dissolve the monster…