I am not certain about every individual however, I have noticed that this past year has fundamentally changed the frequency of our planet and her people. Powerful human beings who are connected to the rhythm and the synergy of awareness have either been forced back on their heels, or have actualized their lives forward. Here, in the state of gray, for the majority of people, is where I have discovered the desire, and in some cases, the need for collective expansion into a balanced life.

 All of us place into the atmosphere either negative or positive vibrational waves of energy. Think of how the collection of all humanities thoughts came to be, just in this last year alone, and the energetic accumulation of those thoughts. How do we begin to empower one another when the organization of the human condition is itself, off balance? Recognizing the vulnerability of humanity at this precise point in time, creational balance is a necessity, not an indulgence. Engineering the purpose and application of balance for both personal and professional higher human development, for many, is challenging. However, without balance, internal and external forces will remain in a state of constriction, and balance will continue to be elusive.

When human beings are confronted with change, especially those who are not set up for life altering shifts to take place, they lose their way and remain in a state of repeat. Outdated patterns and behaviors reign strong and the need for symmetry cries out. After everything that we have journeyed through, in recent times, an evident balance at home, work, and societal environments is more important now than ever, and when you realize how powerful your mind is, you will then unlock the ability to restore yourself; restoration empowers balance.

Redesigning the architecture of thought itself may seem foreign to some however, once the mind is introduced to its potentiality, the system hungers for advancement, knowledge, and application that produces balance. When we are exposed to a challenge, balance of thought, observance, and action is required. Remind yourself that everything you do has an energetic imprint on this planet that sends out reverberation to the entire universe; it was created to be a cohesive and unified system, as we are all part of the entirety.

Spirituality, religion, disciplined practices, and all advancing studies that resonate with an individual will begin to activate a balanced life. Listening to the inner wisdom, and aligning with insight and intended power of what balance can be, will create a more unified experience. The soul knows its nothingness and its all-presence, and in between is where the genius of ascension is born; here is where the balance of a life well lived, begins.