I was not certain that I wanted to address on a mass level my thought’s as to what we are all experiencing at this present time. I do converse with family, clients and friends, as we share our individual thoughts and perceptions as to the state of this country and the world. However, I have noticed that when we go beyond our intimate connections to express how we are dealing with this distortion of humanity, the reaction leans towards an off centered response.

How are we to advance towards unity, when individuals are so fragmented within themselves? If we can’t see the truth to the realities related to the falseness of mass programming, it will be near impossible to awaken the population to the idea of becoming a self-thinking human being.

 We have allowed ourselves to become misguided, and this has happened because we gave away our power, and we authorized others to sway our emotions, our behaviors, and our choices.  When we come up against division of any kind, we do not realize that the experience itself, is based on needed reflection, not outward deflection. Holding another person accountable for any part of your mind, your body, or your consciousness, is a death sentence to individualized evolution.

History is in place to rejoice our growth, and to learn the necessary value of non- repeat. It is that poignant, and no matter the depth of tragedy around our past, it is our present state of being that offers us the way forward. We have to look at ourselves and reflect on our intention, and connect to what is the authentic purpose behind that intention.

Where there is truth and realness, energy will create a foundation for positive and purposeful expansion. The reasoning as to why we keep repeating the same experience is because we are not thinking differently. We are locking the globe into the energetic matrix of constriction; therefore, we are an off balanced planet, and this will not change as long as we allow fear to reside within the human experience. 

 Since I have written a book based on opposition of what we are experiencing, it brings to my attention just how important balanced conversation needs to be. We have lost the meaning as to the purpose of why we are here and instead of developing a masterful mind, body, and spirit we have settled into this stagnation of non-growth.

I often wonder, if we could all fly out into our universe and see this beautiful blue jewel floating in between the stars, and come back down to Earth, how then, would we relate to one another?

There is a destiny that is being neglected, abandoned, and honestly abused, and we are missing the universal nudge as to the purpose of why we are all here. We are born into this earth environment to advanced and ascend beyond our juvenile state of selfishness, and yet, here we are once again.

 I cannot speak for you, what I can convey is this; if you are willing to release the fear, and expand your presence with positive energetic intention that will be the beginning. Observe the human condition as a healing point of self-discovery, knowing that your place here and now is pivotal in the advancement of the human race. Going forward, how will you choose to place your energetic imprint into this collective experiment? Will you become a human that supports the destruction of humanity, or will you become a creator to its peaceful survival?