Hello SOE Community! How exciting is this? My first blog post! Some of you may feel the positive energy coming through already and possibly, at this challenging time, be wondering, how can anyone “feel,” let alone, “be” empowered at this moment? Well, this is why I wrote The Science of Empowerment. This book will serve as a manual to create personal empowerment.

In addition, I will be sharing with you the unique and empowering guidance that we offer at our neuromuscular training facility, where gymnastics style conditioning and awareness to mind/body connectivity is at the foundation of JEKL training. The five principles (Awareness/Willingness/Accountability/Critical Thinking/Energy) when paired with negative, positive or neutral energy create the formula for personal advancement. Application of the principles and an awareness to the energetic positioning of your present state of thought, will lead you into the Critical Thinking phase of higher development.

If your current mind-set is at a negative holding position, here is where we will work towards neutrality. In this moment of retention, we may allow ourselves a temporary stillness so that we can then insert a new thought cycle of positive thinking. My brother James C. Brennan (founder of JEKL) and I, grew up in an environment of love and positive thinking. Although, not every moment or memory was positive, and we did have our challenges to overcome, the uniqueness that we were exposed to, during our upbringing, was a consistent messaging of survival/thriving instincts and favorable skill sets set in place for our personal advancement.

We observed first hand and were guided on a current of strong mental abilities that supported overcoming negative stressors. As an author on personal development and empowerment, as well as a JEKL 10’s instructor, I strive to establish an environment where an awareness to the mind/body connection is facilitated in such a manner as to elevate an individual’s transformation from the mass population current mind-set, into self-actualized attainment.

For those individuals who train with us, we identify reachable goals for the body’s health, and then, -begin to seed positive messaging into the mind/brain matrix. This happens at a higher level than usual, as we have constructed our language to support personal development through physical training.

We are consistently re-wiring the mind/brain, body/consciousness connection with empowering thoughts. This structure brings to the forefront an independent willingness to live life in a manner that creates a “new level of knowledge,” away from negative habits and behaviors, and towards positive outcomes.

Referencing the SOE daily and JEKL training creates connectivity to personal accountability, in regard to the health and well-being of the whole entity. Without a strong structure within the mind/brain matrix, the biology of the body will suffer. In other words, what we think about will settle within the very essence of our cellular makeup. Our way of thinking, whether realized or not, affects the entirety of the human being. As the SOE community will come to learn, if the mind is left unattended and unexposed to forward and positive information, the body will stagnate and suffer.

Here in this real-time experience of personal and global disruption, we are all challenged to rise to a level of personal awareness and accountability. Currently we are all experiencing a situation that will re-define us as human beings, and as an entire global family. How we choose to move through this time can set us up for our personal best!

I personally am as happy and centered in this very moment as I was before this global disturbance took hold. I have sadness and deep compassion for the situations that I cannot control where negativity has taken hold. However, the SOE is a pathway towards personal advancement. An awareness to the power of the mind and a knowing that what you are willing to enter into the matrix of your thought process, will determine going forward how you will become skilled in the way in which you handle adversities.

Once you read the SOE, you then will power up and connect to a skilled internal navigational system. This system will now offer you the new knowledge of principled laws of higher positive energetic awareness. Here is where you will re-connect to the ancient knowing that you are a genius, you are brilliant, you are capable in strength of mind and body beyond your current perception.

This is an amazing life, over flowing with elevated potentiality. I look forward to guiding both the SOE community and the JEKL community towards personal empowerment. This will offer each individual the opportunity to gain the ability to bring forth new knowledge and uplifting guidance to someone who has never been exposed to the possibility of advanced personal development.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy, Stay Positive! And always remember…Do not glance at the power…Become the power…