What is Life Empowerment Coaching (LEC)? 

LEC is a time for exploration. It is an environment that grants the client space to navigate thought, and quiet assessment. LEC is the opportunity to activate a skill set, where awareness and willingness set the pace, towards positive goal setting, and real-time present accomplishment. 

LEC is a safe, trusting, and confidential co-partnership between the Coach and the client. Together, we will build a positive and powerful future, with curious questioning, observational reflection, and meaningful support. The creational experience of living your highest and best life, is your individualized journey. I am there to expose the blind spots and the challenges that are no longer serving your furtherance. 

LEC will offer you the opportunity for growth, positive intelligence building, and purposeful skills, advantageous to navigate and advance onward. Releasing negative thoughts, behaviors, and outdated patterns, into positive outcomes, thus arriving to the power position of favoring, self-evolution. 

LEC is an educational system based on the J3Formula, which is written about in, “The Science of Empowerment.” The confidence and development that you will gain from the JEKL Principles, and the awareness to the power choice of negative, positive, and neutral energies, will redesign the way in which you influence the human condition. This gives purpose and legacy to our place within the global community. 

LEC is your time to discover and engineer what it will be, to live from your genius state of full potentiality. Unlocking the recognition to the ownership of knowing; that you are a powerful being, and when willing, you will recalibrate your life’s course towards a sincere and intended passage. 

LEC offers:

1hour sessions, $250.00, minimum of 4 sessions, Cost $1,000.  8 sessions (weekly) Cost $ 2,000. 12 sessions, Cost $3,000. 16 sessions, Cost $4,000. 

20 sessions, COST, $5,000.

When you purchase a 6 month exploration into your empowerment, Cost $5,400. A 12 month journey into your empowerment, Cost $10,400.

There is a free 15minute consultation call for your questions to be addressed. As well as an explanation to time, schedule, and accountability contract.

All sessions are via zoom only.


You set the pace, you bring the subject matter, I listen. Together, we will begin your travel into what empowerment will be for you, and you alone…

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Our participation in this life time, one that we are accountable for, was intended to be a life of opportunity, a life of self-rule, and a lifetime experience of increase. A life experienced through an ever changing, ever growing, and ever evolving sequence of profound abundance. A life where the wealth of the spirit, the optimum health of our bodies and the brilliant genius of the mind, brings to us clarity of awareness; it is this awareness to itself, which magnetizes the power of advancement.

Herein, aligned with a lasting and expanding mind, developing into its full potential, the precise chemistry of right action takes place.

When we can master this knowing, our abilities will naturally become enhanced, and when we choose adjusted and positive programmable thoughts and behaviors, we will no longer be at the level of servitude to negativity.

The J3Formula performs if you stay within the structure of the three selections, then an effortless philosophy will take place.