What would you do if you knew you carried within the framework of your mind, body, and consciousness, the knowledge that created the galaxies? How then would you greet yourself, and each day to follow, as well as every human being you encountered? If you were to awaken to the knowing that you are in ownership and in authorization to create and bring forth into your reality, the highest and best version of the world around you, how then, would you travel throughout your life?

If you could choose each moment to be the moment of your awakening, and explore your personal connection with the brilliance of who you are destined to be, would you remain in contact with the outdated and unnecessary patterns that produce repeated negative cycles, or would you be willing to advance your present environment?  If you knew you could engineer your experiences to produce an empowered outcome, how then would you choose to design each day?

If you came into the understanding that you own the power to create a new personality, a new mindset, at your calling, not from the egoic perspective, but from the very essence of your ability to manifest all thought into creation, where would you place your attention? For a moment, think about this reality and have fun with this thought, “YOU,” are in the power seat of choice, you, are the architect of your life, and you can grant yourself permission to dream big!

These questions are presented to us in many ways throughout our lifetime, and yet, we do not take the time to observe the lessons contained within the manner to which the questions appear. If we were to practice the advancement of “higher purpose observation,” we would align with this knowing; that we create, therefore, experience the patterns which are in place for the purpose of contrast only. Remember to observe the gap between that which you do not desire, and that which you intend to experience. Here is where your evolution will take its first breath.  

As we travel through, and within the human condition, an acceleration will become harder to ignore, and certainly near impossible to deny. We can feel it, all of us on some level, that there is a shift taking place. There is, within ourselves, and on some level, a collective sense that a movement of necessary change has begun. There is a positive force at our backs, supporting the advancement of a global new mindset and the opportunity to activate unity. It is a question to ponder, as to how we may apply and use to our advantage this awareness and to create a positive energetic shift.

How can we recalibrate a new perspective on what is feels like to be in synergy with our global family and to value unity? And how can we unite one another into the flow of higher positive thinking? How do we adjust to unseen opportunities, and course-correct what we know is not working? 

Here in this space of contrast, is where we connect to the higher plane of knowledge. When we realize, deep in our bones that change is needed, this is where the alchemy of the connection to the universal powers live. If we can learn the language of self-accountability and how we can align our mindset to activate human potential, our lives would unfold and advance in a positive way.

The perceived reality that is built into the mass population creates a general experience. The mindset becomes focused on the currents of conformity and the personality becomes protective of this familiar existence. Never quite connecting with the understanding that self-actualization and personal evolution is our birthright. To live beneath this level of knowledge, is a detriment to our evolution as a collective civilization.

When we realize that we are one, and truly connected within the same sphere of energies, and sharing similar experiences, the exchange of positive and negative energy will take on a new purpose. When we are willing to choose differently, it will no longer be about “me.” It will become crystal clear, that it has always been about “us.”

It will help to have some understanding of the idea that we tend to navigate between negative layers of internal dissension rather than operate from a foundation of powerful confidence. If we knew that our present conditions, that are retained within our present environment, were in place to create a learning lesson, and only the lesson, we would gain insight as to how we can recreate the experience to serve the betterment of all.

Here is where we would no longer attach an emotion to the observation, thus creating a story to hold us captive, here in this recognition, the ego would immediately begin its retreat. We now would tap in to the “super-mind,” and gain the value and insight from the lesson learned, and advance to the next higher learning experience.

No longer held within the constraints of a powerless personality, we now would create a new way of thriving in this world. Knowing that we are in command of how to navigate higher human potential and positive intelligence, we can uplift all human 2 human connectivity, and become skilled designers of all interactions.

We are not at the calling of outdated patterns and negative beliefs that create non-essential information, we are now advancing into a level of conscious awareness that will serve humanity. Rewiring the Mindset Energy through self-created new thinking is what can support this needed elevation.

Our world is being guided by seen and unseen forces, swirling new and exciting opportunities for our choosing, containing both negative, and positive outcomes. What is it that persuades one to take the path of resistance and another to create the pathway towards expansion? Gaining awareness and insight as to the how we can rise up together, is where skill, discipline, and mastery merges with positive intelligence.

The energy needed to focus on personal and collective change is now. When we become curious about our exploration into the human condition, when we align and connect with the present moment, and when we activate our higher potential and map out our future, we create positive causation throughout the world.

In general, the mass population does not understand the power of thought, movement, and intention. We are not educated in the powers of human potential for a reason. Here, I will challenge you and ask, “what are you willing to do to tap into the education of the universal library and elevate, not only your mindset, but your entire existence?  

The laws of contrast and expansion are in place to spark the awareness of who we are destined to become, and yet, many individuals choose the residency of a subconscious existence. What is the causation that suffocates the mind, and fools the thought process into believing that we are limited beings? 

If we knew that thought was truly creative, and no matter the outside conditions, we could begin to reconstruct our thinking to create a new personality and therefore a new experience. As we begin to think differently and activate a new way of moving within the human condition, we are now primed to boldly release the unnecessary ways of the past and merge with our higher self.

When creativity is sparked, it recognizes itself and begins to expand on that very first thought. New thinking from the view point of genius, is where true universal alchemy is thrusted into its own brilliance. Each day, challenge yourself and ask, what it is that I am waiting for?

The universe sees itself in each and every human being just as we see ourselves in one another. When we are up against an individual that we do not resonate with, if we were to recognize that person is in place as a gift of expansion, then our interactions would begin to look calmer, and more defined as a mechanism of growth, rather than a reiteration of a negative reaction.

Here is the interaction, is the truest form of human 2 human connectivity. This is our opportunity to recognize reflective awareness in all its glory, as we are either seeking positive or negative outcomes. One feeds the pattern of outdated algorithms and one nourishes the energetic connection of human advancement.

It is simply how we choose to conduct ourselves in this very moment that locks in negative behaviors or recalibrates new positive neuronal pathways. We choose the directive, and either way, it is you who is accountable for the energy you reside within. Which frequency will you choose, Negative, Positive, Neutral, Which one are you?

Remembering that what we tell ourselves, and the frequency attached to that messaging, (the field of negative or positive energy) this is what frames and creates our experiences. Knowing that we do become what we think about, and how we feel when our thoughts are circulating, this is the direct route of the how and why we experience our life the way we do.

 If you knew that how you think about thought, and the feeling and emotion that you connect with that thought, causes you to create a mindset of happiness and growth, or a mindset of unhappiness and stagnation, would you not create mostly empowering thoughts?  

When we choose to remain in a construct of sadness, insecurity, and all negative thinking, we then extend out for the world to see, the energetic framework from that structure of thought, and the energetic frequency of that thought. We are in essence, exposing our inner misalignment.

When we decide to gain mastery over a response system rather than be captive to a reactionary system, we now can gain authorization over our choices. We then create a new way of moving through and within this world. We now begin to offer a higher vibrational output and begin to shift the way we place energy into the collective environment.

Advancing our mindset and priming the internal navigation system for higher human development, seeds the collective global community with an elevated sense of personal accountability. Where you can activate positive change, do so, as we are all in this together.

If we saddle up with anger and resentment, or we display the warriors shield of isolation and insecurity, we leave little room for the breath of advancement to seed, let alone grow. If we are aware of a pattern and we do nothing about it, the energetic state of repeated behaviors related to that vibration firmly stay in position. We then are agreeing to a limited mindset and therefore a limited life. We are essence, caging our human potential.  

Realize that how we talk to ourselves and the feeling that accompanies that language, can have direct impact on the mindset. Our thoughts can fundamentally distort our brilliance and impede our potential, creating a static like connection, making things unclear and difficult to traverse. This is how our personalities are formed. However, they are fluid and open to positive advancement once we understand our level of individualized potential.

Whether you believe in the spirit, the soul, and the ability of consciousness to connect with an awakening to a higher plane of human advancement, I challenge you to suspend all doubt and all hesitation and begin to redesign the framework of thought to serve a higher collective outcome.

If taking that leap of faith or tapping in to the New Sciences of knowledge and ascension can begin to create a more peaceful atmosphere, what is stopping you? If you begin to study your own empowerment, you will come to the cross roads of a “never return conclusion.”

When you connect with the aha moment that you are the one, who is accountable for your own well-being and the creation of your mindset energetic structure, you will desire to become the best and highest version of yourself. You will also wish for every human to feel their best as well. You will now know a happiness that is authentic, enriching, and inspiring, and you will want to share this feeling and connectivity of pure awareness with the world.

You will no longer live from a negative pattern that was born from another’s idea of how you should be, or who you should become. Autonomy of the highest potential will become activated and you will begin to move in ways that were once unimaginable.

The behaviors that once created the patterns that kept you tied to a false sense of acceptance and surrendering, will begin to dissolve. A natural recognition will emerge even through the challenges, and your instincts will sharpen. You will search out new ways of being in this world that will bring about value and purpose, and your energy will be placed onto matters that resonate within service and kindness.  

This is for the individualized journey of a self-evolved soul, as well as for the collective experience of the global family. No matter the state of your mind and your present belief system, one must, at some point ask yourself, is this how it is to be? The negative pull and the positive possibilities are there at every turn. Turn away from the negative current and move forward into the possibilities of an unlimited creational mind.

Learning how to soften the resistance to our own negative patterns is not as challenging as one would think. Slow the mind down, meditate, journal, listen to healing music, take  a walk in nature, or have a heartfelt conversation with a friend, this will shift perspectives and offer observance into new insights and gained wisdom.

Begin to create a new language of the mind, body, and consciousness connection. You are now the engineer, the architect, the designer, creating a new blueprint. The choice of mindset energy, negative, positive or neutral, will have a direct causation on how you will advance your present and future experiences.

When you observe a thought and you become aware of the power of that said thought, your mind/brain matrix will begin to create new neuro pathways of expression. Whether you understand the fundamentals of quantum reality, studies of physics, neuro-science, and neuro-energy, it does not matter at this point in your awareness.

What matters now is your willingness to open your mind, and set out as an explorer of human potentiality. One who can embrace a new way of being in this world and one who creates a higher connectivity with their surroundings.

We all have a beauty, a kindness, and a purpose to fulfill within the human family. Shine on and hold your light high. Preserve the integrity and honor of your destiny, and be an example of hope, transformation, and empowerment for others.   

Do not glance at the power…Become the power…