When one human being knows what it feels like to experience authentic happiness, that person organically wants others to know that same joy and success.


Everyone will benefit from employing the principles of the J3Formula. The power of the brain is infinite. Staying positively mindful in every moment is the start of the transformation that we all seek and desire. This “must-read” book guides the reader towards personal development and advancement in contemporary thinking. “The Science of Empowerment” is the game changer!

David Remey, CPA, CFP™ CIMA™


Although Laura Brennan Ballet may be a new author, she is an old soul. Her new self-help guide, “The Science of Empowerment,” offers fascinating strategies that the author has personally used to improve her life. This is an ambitious and literate yet certainly approachable self-help guide. This is not, however, your typical self-help book. “The Science of Empowerment” posits some fascinating and rather unusual tactics.

Different from most self-improvement guides, “The Science of Empowerment” can help the reader immediately begin to make changes in their lives. And that is just one of many reasons why “The Science of Empowerment” is such an exciting read.

Hank Tenney – Vice President Sales/Creative Director, National Media Connection


Laura’s message is love, non-judgment, and compassion. She pushes us all to think of how our actions affect others. Akin to the African Ubuntu philosophy, her objective is that people be less concerned with self and more compatible with the requirements of the shared society. It is a welcome message in the face of a culture that too often pushes self-indulgence, and particularly relevant in times of world crises like Coronavirus. In her words, “we are elements within the cross-wired system of an inclusive planet…individually, and globally, responsible for the outcome.” She espouses the power of positivity and self-accountability, urging us all to choose wisely and with high intent, so that we can make lifetimes that pass so quickly “count.” Her message is not for those who are self-content, nor is it a quick read. It is a message that challenges us to be all that we can.

Alan Kreczko, Retired General Counsel
The Hartford Financial Services Group


The Science of Empowerment will take you on a life-altering journey. Deeply insightful and inspiring, it provides you with the tools you need to be your best self. Each page is filled with aha moments. As a counselor in a school setting for over 15 years, I have used this book and the J3Formula both personally and professionally. It has led me on my journey towards self-evolution. It has helped me empower the children and families I work with to overcome obstacles and harness their true potential.

Jessica Stevenson, MA, LPC


With The Science of Empowerment, Laura Brennan Ballet makes available to a broader audience the same skills and path to self-knowledge that she has used to change the lives of so many as a personal trainer and coach. By training with Laura and gaining an understanding of the J3Formula, I’ve been able to transform myself both physically and professionally. Her authenticity and passion for helping people are what make her such an effective teacher. If you’d like to unleash the true potential of your mind and body, you should read this book.

Matt Woods Weber
Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner


The Science of Empowerment is a “must-read” for anyone looking to feed their brain and nourish their soul. Laura Brennan Ballet has captured the essence of what it takes to happily navigate our existence in today’s world with positivity, energy, and tranquility. As an expert in motivation and behavioral science, she shares her compelling journey to discover what it takes to live a healthy, vibrant, and joyful life. In her quest, you will find the wisdom and knowledge to create your path to sustained energy, durable positivity, and a more profound sense of tranquility.

Ed Orszulak, Ph.D.—Award-Winning Educator &
Author of “The Redemption Approach”


Every human on this planet should read the Science of Empowerment!! It is a well-written manual brilliantly explaining why negative thoughts and behaviors can impact our daily lives and provides us with the knowledge to change them into positive ones, allowing us to grow as individuals. This is an enlightening book that brings such energy to every page that it is impossible to ignore the education behind it. It is an absolute MUST read!!!

Stephanie Amato, CIC
Managing Partner
, The Health Consultants Group

About The Book





We are all in a position to grow beyond our present state of mind. The Science of Empowerment is written so that you will become inspired to challenge your threshold of limited thinking. Every word is intentional so that the energetic vibration behind the stylistic writing will act as an impetus to the process of self-evolution.

The Science of Empowerment holds the structural formula that allows you to focus the application of the J3Formula, supporting the manifestation of what we can create, rather than locking into a constant defense of that which we fear.

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