Every part of your being is energy, fueled by the forces of a power that creates and sustains living nature, on a universal scale; energy is in everything.

Most individuals do not understand this concept to its full design. We are not just here in this physical form, we also have this remarkable system in place known as the mind/brain matrix. Regardless of how you look at our anatomy, our physiology, our biology, and our level of consciousness, at some point, if we do not merge with the awareness of why we are the way we are, our personal advancement will be diminished.

The purpose of this functioning whole system is in place so that we can think into creation all thought out reality. This is what fundamentally separates us from all other living creatures; thought is energy and we can transform thought into actuality.

We have the ability to project our thoughts out into the atmosphere, and form those thoughts into something current. The power that comes through the awareness of how to mobilize and instruct energy to create birth, build growth, and to experience evolution is coded in the DNA of our memory. This is why we are inspired when we come across experiences that move us emotionally. Some aspect of our knowing recognizes and feels a sensation of remembrance and yet, we are not certain how or why it resonates within us, we simply know that there is an energetic connection.

This is energy at work and unfortunately, we bypass the internal observation to its recognition all too often. Whether you understand the sciences behind how energy works or not, ask yourself, does it matter if I don’t understand all the components of energy or can I benefit by relating to the field of energy as I know it?

I am amazed at how electricity works, in fact, I think about it all the time. It moves through the air and connects places and people together, yet, I really do not understand how it all works. I know it is all around us as I observe how there is life force in between spaces where life should not exist at all. Yet somehow, energy manages to make an appearance, like a single flower emerging between concrete, or a tree that grows in an impossible environment.

Energy appears to remind us that we are capable of using it to accomplish great feats of creation. We are energy beings, breathing in and out energetic frequencies that resonate from the vast expansion of our own internal space, space that cannot be measured by the human mind. Nonetheless, there is a storage of energy waiting to be discovered, unlocked, and then utilized.

 The awareness to this life system is in place so that we can learn the skill of evolution. In order to evolve, energy is needed, thought energy, body energy, and actual completion of application and experiences. Becoming in tune with the energies of nature and of the universe will create an openness to all that is conceivable.

You are the master creator, and any obstacle that blocks this knowing is merely the doubt and the fear that layers over the truth. Use the thought of energy to build your connection to energy itself, do this regardless of what lies between you and the understanding of energy fields. Look for the force of energy in all you do, become acquainted with what you cannot see but thorough your senses, begin to recognize how energy presents itself.

Because we have not been raised with an awareness to the factual potential of what we are capable of becoming (energy beings with full creational probability) we halt our true progress. We settle for the common routine of the day and then lose sight and personal connectivity to the instinct that is forever attempting to redirect our purpose. This is where gut instinct comes into play, an internal movement of energy, a sensation of knowing something, even if we can’t quite put our finger on it.

If we were willing to comprehend the definition of energy, which is as follows from the JEKL principles, “The source of one’s existence or state of being that determines our level of vitality,” we could begin to imagine a life that is on correct course for energetic evolution.

Trust in the learned skill of awareness to the energy inside of you and around you, and follow the direction it is leaning towards. Come to know your personal energy make up, and if it is helpful, view your personal energy field the way you would a certain characteristic trait that is a positive aspect of yourself. Explore how this new connection to energy will add value to all your present and future endeavors, and begin to study and apply energetic expansion on a daily basis. Now equipped with connectivity to personal energy,  begin to create the fullness of your life.