When life enters into the mindset the opportunity to see patterned thinking as a transition away from what has been, into what can be created, we freeze. In this place of protected stillness, disguised as repeat invasion, we make our move. The occasion for purposeful advancement will come into view throughout our lives in diversified ways. Regarding the challenges, we can choose to see the gift of self-awareness towards self-evolution in all events. Remembering, that liberation can and will present itself in various disguises, such as a pandemic.

If lessons learned towards accomplishments were that easy to collect, we all would be living different realities. Use this disruption for what it may be, on some level, an opening to alter your present way of thinking. This is the time to think positivity into a formatted state of being. This change will produce advancement for yourself, your families, and the community around you. Whether we are connected to our experiences or simply going through the motions, either position will have a direct influence as to how you perceive all future events. Therefore, allow this time to be used wisely; become a better version of what you once were, and then facilitate positive growth in those around you.

The way or manner in which you personally see the “where” and the “when” of this observation, will dictate the progression of your advancements. Sometimes it is an individual who has insight and wisdom through their personal experiences, enters into your atmosphere an offering of sustained guidance. This becomes an opportunity to up light your current thought process away from outdated information into a new way of thinking through certain occurrences. It can be a time of self-transformation, as well as a collective voice of unity, creating the ability to switch up and link together, unbroken by any invading disruption.

Use all experiences that appears in the form of negativity, challenge, and frustration, to rise to the next level of awareness. Connect to the energy within the current flow of positive vibrational opportunity, and become a willing individual who is gaining the insight to elevate the mind. Here is where we go from “thought of surviving” “through an event” too “thriving” into empowerment. Remember, “fear has no place within a civilized mind.” If you are willing, this is where you become skilled in the ability to adjust, and then to release the commonality of acceptance of what is in current position.

An individual can then advance onward to what it is that is needed to serve a purpose beyond a reactionary pattern. In challenging times, we are granted the rare glimpse into transcendence, this brings to the frontline the observation as to how we become one, humanism at its best. Together, we begin to acknowledge that a strong and stable foundation is required to adapt our behaviors towards the ability in working together for the greater good of all.

We accomplish this through our connectivity to the knowing that our mind/brain thinking process can be altered forward into new knowledge. Knowledge that will serve as a collective mechanism to support the capabilities that are needed to advance through obstructive terrain, both personally and as a global family. In this moment of mass disruption, we grant ourselves the gateway into cooperative humanism.

We begin to understand that where luxury and abundance live, its purpose can be replaced quite readily. This is where we as a family, put down the egoic need for accumulation and the judgements against others. Becoming first, an individual who is willing to explore compassion and volunteerism, then extending out as a community of fellowship.

During this challenge, if you are willing, learn the skill of critical thinking, and the importance of removing non-useful emotionality. This is how compassion authentically shines through and cultivates positive solidification. We remove the unnecessary movement of negativity so that the mind brain matrix can be seeded with pertinent knowledge that moves us into the energy field of positive empowerment.